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Gus Mansuy A.Sc.T Gus completed his schooling in 1972 and became a certified Applied Science Technologist in Water Resources. Prior to establishing Water World Industries, he worked with the Family Farm Improvement Branch designing essential Water Supply and Waste Water Systems for 12 years. He then went on to establish Water World Industries in 1983 with his wife Margaret and has been Custom Designing and Consulting on Water Systems for over 47 years. Gus's vast knowledge and practical experience that he mentors to his team has made Water World a leader in community and rural water solutions. ~~~~~~~~~~ Ashley Kolach – RSE Ashley completed his schooling in 2002 and became a certified Inter-Provincial Journeyman Plumber and Commercial Gasfitter. Specializes in hydronic heating design. Ashley serves our community as a youth volunteer. He currently coaches softball at the Bantam/Midget level in Wadena and also the Squirt level in Humboldt. ~~~~~~~~~~ Jeremy Bencharski Jeremy completed his schooling in 2011 and became a Inter-Provincial Journeyman Plumber and Commercial Gasfitter. Specializes in Water Treatment Jeremy is currently an active member of the Elfros Hall and Rec boards. ~~~~~~~~~~ Cody Turnbull Cody completed his schooling in 2014 and became a Inter-Provincial Journeyman Plumber. Specializes in Furnace Installation and Air Conditioners Cody has served our Community as a Firefighter for the past 15 years with the Wadena Volunteer Fire Department. ~~~~~~~~~~ Kyle Moorman Kyle completed his schooling in 2009 and became a Inter-Provincial Journeyman Plumber and Commercial Gasfitter Specializes in boiler systems and large scale plumbing and gas systems. ~~~~~~~~~ Summary We are a forward thinking company and continually attend conferences and training modules to stay up to date with the newest technologies.
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